Coming Soon: Ladybox.

Out this fall, Ladybox will be a box set of chapbook-style zines made by the following authors:

Laura Lee Bahr

Tiffany Scandal

Rae Alexandra

Rios de la Luz

Violet LeVoit

Spike Marlowe

Constance Ann Fitzgerald

I asked each author to use their pages to say and create whatever they wanted. Ladybox is not genre-specific. It’s whatever they needed to say, whatever they wanted to show the world. I just wanted a platform to showcase how truly awesome each of these women are. They all have very different styles, voices, and tastes. I’m excited about the diversity and general badassery of this project.

Since this is the first project of its kind that I am tackling (and not alone by any means. Seven other women have my back.) the tangible box set has been limited to 50. We are discussing the possibility of a digital version for a discounted rate.

Official release date and purchasing information TBA!


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