Badass Reads

My current reading situation: The Last Illusion by Porochista Khakpour

image (10)

Photo by Rios de la Luz in front of her TOP & G-Dragon poster.

A compiled list by Rios de la Luz of what to read on the net:

Amy Bergen with “The Immortal Jellyfish” at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Raquel Reichard writes about the harassment Latina women face online.

Marisa Mohi with “Possum Kingdom” at Cheap Pop.

Juliet Escoria with Two Poems at Two Serious Ladies.

Interview with Victoria Massie about intersectional feminism at Third Woman Press.

Barbara Calderón-Douglass writes about Cholas at Vice.

Janice Lee writes an introductory post to “The Birds” at Entropy.



One thought on “Badass Reads

  1. I knew that name looked familiar! I read Porochista Khakpour’s ‘Sons and Other Inflammable Objects’ several years ago. Very talented writer, but one that kinda slipped off my radar. Thank you, Rios, for reminding me! ❤


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