Badass Reads

Current reading situation: Rat Queens Vol. 1 by Kurtis J. Wiebe. Filled with bloody and beautiful action scenes, Rat Queens follows four badasses on their adventures in sorcery, drinking, and taking down evil or whoever gets on their nerves.

rat queens vol 1

Badass Reads is a collection of what to read on the Internet by Rios de la Luz.

The Political is Personal by Sara Salem via The Wide Margin.

Two, One, Zero by Shenan Prestwich over at Paper Darts.

A Freak in Bed” by Natasha Akery via The Fem Lit Magazine.

My Baby is a Woman by Robin Carlisle over at Nailed.

Rain Song by Martha Anne Toll up at Vol 1. Brooklyn.

Predator by Joyce Pfeiffer in the Fall Issue of Persimmon Tree.

4 Ways You Can Support People with Chronic Illnesses by Princess Harmony Rodriguez via Black Girl Dangerous.


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