Open Call For Submissions: Zine Trio Anthology 

Looking for stories about: 
1.) bands your exes ruined for you 

2.) songs ruined by experiences or people (Like how we all think of that dude getting his ear cut off when we hear Stuck In The Middle With You, but with your own story.)

3.) the loss of your virginity. 

Each topic will be compiled into its own zine/chapbook bursting with all the best stories. 

This is a Ladybox Books project, so women, LGBTQIA, gender non-binary and POC authors will have priority.

There are no tales too short, if it's basically a tweet, that's okay. There are obviously some stories that are too long. It's a zine. Don't get crazy. 

Multiple submissions are okay, and heartily encouraged. (Soft cap at 3 per topic) 

Participants will receive contributors copies of the set and retain rights to their words. We just wanna borrow them. 

Deadline is 2/14/17 – let your misery, awkwardness, and nostalgia be our valentine!

Direct all questions and submissions to ladybox books (at) gmail (dot) com 

Please specify which topic your piece is for in the subject of your email.


2 thoughts on “Open Call For Submissions: Zine Trio Anthology 

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