a b o u t / s u b m i s s i o n s


Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Editor/Curator for Ladybox Books

Ladybox Books started as a chapbook box set and is now a small press with an emphasis on the work of badass authors who identify as women. Making zines, books and chapbooks to share unique literary voices.

Tell us your stories, make a few up, just make them count. We’re looking for lean, raw prose that knocks our fucking socks off. If you’re hard to shut up and you identify as (but not limited to) a woman, LGBTQ, gender fluid/non-binary we want to hear from you.

Currently closed to unsolicited submissions 

Send words (stories and enquiries alike) to ladyboxbooks@gmail.com

– Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Editor/Curator for Ladybox Books


****Submissions are currently closed****

This blog is inclusive to QTPOC and marginalized voices. This blog is a space for voices that need to heard whether it’s in storytelling, poetry, essay form or art. I want you to tell me your stories. I want to indulge in your poetry. I want you to show me the art you are creating. This blog is made for those who are unapologetic about who they are. I look forward to reading your magic. For newer voices: I am very open about helping with the editing process if I find a story that entices me. Don’t be intimidated and tell your stories! They are important and only you can tell it.

Who I am:


Rios de la Luz, Editor for the Ladybox Blog

My name is Rios. I am a cis queer xicana/chapina living in Oregon.

****Submissions are currently closed****

I am looking for short stories, flash fiction, essays, poetry and prose. Previously published work is acceptable for submission.

Word count maximum of 2,500 for short stories and essays.

Email submissions to riosdelaluz (at) gmail (dot) com

– Rios de la Luz, Editor for The Ladybox Blog

Terms and Conditions for The Ladybox Blog:

You, the artist, will retain copyright of your work.

In agreeing to these terms, you give Ladybox Books permission to publish your work on The Ladybox Blog (http://ladyboxbooks.com/).

You retain the Print Rights to your work. If your work is published elsewhere, please credit The Ladybox Blog as the original publication. (Ex: Originally published at ladyboxbooks.com).


3 thoughts on “a b o u t / s u b m i s s i o n s

  1. What ever happened to the short story collection where one of the themes was “how a song ruined a memory”? I believe the deadline for submissions was Feb 14, 2017. Is that collection still going to be published in the future? Have submissions been sorted and rejected/accepted yet?


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